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Meet Verdant Valentine, the Gentleman Sprite! Verdant Valentine hails from the heart of the Evergreen Ballroom, a hidden glen where the forest's most enchanting gatherings are held. Clad in a suave top hat with a dashing red band, he embodies the charm and charisma of old-world gallantry. His luminous green skin is as fresh as spring's first sprout, and his wide, endearing eyes sparkle with a friendly invitation to join in the dance of the leaves. Grasping a single, romantic black rose, Verdant Valentine is a sprite of courtship and companionship, always ready to extend a hand to those seeking a partner in the waltz of life. He is a whisper of love on the breeze, a companion for those who cherish the tender moments under the canopy's shelter. Will you accept the rose and the promise of an everlasting dance from this chivalrous Gentleman Sprite?

Verdant valentine ✨

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