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In the hushed expanse of the Eldergrove, where time slumbers in the embrace of ancient bark, there stands a sentinel, a relic of forgotten eras. This is Thornsage, the Eternal Guardian, whose visage is etched in the color of the forest’s lifeblood, a green as deep as the mosses that shroud the secrets of old.

Thornsage's skull, a canvas of intricate carvings, tells tales in the language of the earth—a script of swirls and whorls that speak of the cycles of growth and decay, of the dance of life and death and the rebirth that follows. These carvings are the chronicles of the Eldergrove, a history preserved in the sanctuary of silence.

Atop Thornsage’s crown rest roses in full bloom, the red of passion and the depth of sacrifice. They are not simply adornments but symbols of reverence, each petal an offering to the cycles that Thornsage upholds, a vibrant contrast to the muted whispers of the forest.

Thornsage stands as a testament to the passage of time, a keeper of continuity in the heart of the grove. The roses whisper to the winds, the carvings hold fast to the stories of yesteryears, and the color—a steadfast green—remains as a beacon of the eternal promise that in the end, life persists, endures, and thrives beneath the watchful gaze of the Thornsage.

Thornsage ✨

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