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Meet Thicketon, the Greenwood Guardian! Nestled within the ancient groves, where the foliage sings with life, Thicketon stands serene.

His equine visage, wise and gentle, bears the marks of the forest's timeless grace. The folded leaf that adorns his crown, nestled between two butterfly wings, symbolizes his deep connection to the woodlands' soul.

His eyes, deep as the forest's secrets, carry the calm of still waters and the knowledge of the earth.Thicketon's body, rooted in the strength of the oaks, is dappled with the vibrant energy of life that thrums through the underbrush.

Thicketon is a guardian of the glade, a keeper of the green sanctum where nature's heart beats strongest. With the rustle of his leaf and the whisper of his wings, he communicates with the rustling leaves and the scurrying creatures, a symphony of the wild.

Will you heed the call of Thicketon, where the pulse of life flows through the veins of the verdant realm, and the harmony of nature's chorus swells under the canopy's embrace?

Thicketon ✨

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