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Meet Sweepshade, the Keeper of Whispers! In the twilight realm where the hidden things dwell, Sweepshade stands as the guardian of secrets and the caretaker of silence. His oversized hat is a canopy under which mysteries are kept and stories are woven, its wide brim a shield against the prying eyes of the dawn.His body, as dark as the shadowed corners of an attic, is marked with the light of turquoise, the color of whispered incantations and gentle enchantments. Sweepshade's eyes, glowing with a knowing light, see through the veils that separate worlds, always observant, always understanding.In his grasp, he holds a broom not for cleaning, but for sweeping away the traces of magic that linger where they should not. It's a wand of sorts, a tool that helps maintain the balance between the seen and the unseen. Sweepshade is the silent, watchful presence that ensures the stories of old remain untold, and the histories of the night are never forgotten.Will you entrust your secrets to Sweepshade, the Keeper of Whispers, and join him in the sacred dance of nightfall, where every sweep is a spell and every shadow a sanctuary?


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