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In a realm where the veil between the ethereal and the earthly was gossamer thin, there stood a solitary figure known as Selunaria, the Custodian of Twilight. She was always seen enshrouded in an elegant gown of the deepest black, woven from the shadows of night, adorned with silver roses that sparkled like the stars in the firmament.

Atop her head rested an oversized hat, as dark as the void and as wide as the horizon, under which her eyes gleamed with the wisdom of the ages. In her hand, she carried the emblem of her charge: a crescent moon, glowing with an otherworldly light, a fragment of the celestial she was sworn to guard.

Selunaria moved with the grace of the nocturne, her presence a balm to the stirring shadows. Each silver rose on her dress held a story, a secret of the cosmos entrusted to her care. The creatures of the night followed her, drawn by the calm assurance she exuded, the promise that darkness was a friend and the night, a haven.

Under the watch of Selunaria, the night bloomed with beauty, and the crescent moon above whispered to the stars, ensuring the dance of the cosmos continued, serene and unbroken.

Selunaria ✨

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