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In a secluded corner of the Evernight Forest, shrouded in perpetual twilight, dwells Morwenna, the Mushroom Witch. Her home is nestled in a hollow, where ancient oaks intertwine their gnarled branches, casting intricate shadows on the forest floor. Morwenna's presence is heralded by a cluster of enigmatic black mushrooms that surround her dwelling, pulsating softly with an otherworldly glow.

Cloaked in a robe as dark as the starless night sky, Morwenna wears a pointed hat, intricately patterned like the underbelly of a mushroom, which towers high above her delicate features. The hat is not just a symbol of her wisdom but a potent repository of her magical energies, which are as vast and mysterious as the forest itself.

Morwenna spends her days tending to her garden of fungi, each species carefully cultivated for its unique magical properties. The mushrooms range from those that can heal wounds with a mere touch, to those that can invoke visions of distant lands or forgotten times when placed under the tongue during the new moon.

Her constant companions are the whispering spirits of the forest, visible only to her eyes. They speak to her of the forest's needs, its joys, and its sorrows. In turn, Morwenna uses her deep knowledge of potion-making to maintain the delicate balance of her environment, concocting brews that nourish the soil and soul alike.

Once a year, during the Night of the Drooping Moon, Morwenna performs a silent ritual to renew her pact with the forest. The mushrooms around her swell with vibrant energy, their spots shimmering under her incantations. As the ritual concludes, a fine mist descends, and the forest sighs in contentment, its heartbeat steady and strong thanks to the Mushroom Witch's guardianship.

Thus, shielded by the embrace of ancient trees and the loyalty of her fungal wards, Morwenna lives in solitude, a sentinel of the unseen, forever woven into the tapestry of Evernight's whispered legends.


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