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In a forgotten corner of the Enchanted Woods, where the trees whisper secrets and the ground is always warm, resides a peculiar creature named Ignis. With his vibrant red skin that glows faintly in twilight and horns as sharp as the edge of night, Ignis is known among the woodland beings as the Keeper of the Eternal Flame.

Ignis wasn’t always a creature of flame and fear. Long ago, he was merely a spark, birthed from the heart of an ancient volcano. Over centuries, this spark learned to shape itself, feeding on the fallen branches and dry leaves of the Enchanted Woods, growing stronger, brighter, until it became Ignis.

With his large, luminous eyes and a stitched smile, Ignis watches over the forest’s most hidden treasure—a flame that never dies. This flame is not only a source of warmth for the forest dwellers during the icy snaps of winter but also a beacon that guides the lost souls back to their loved paths.

However, the Eternal Flame is coveted by many, not all of whom wish to keep the woods thriving. One chilling night, a band of shadow thieves invaded the woods, intent on stealing the flame to sell its secrets. Ignis, with his fiery heart and fearsome horns, confronted them. Despite his small size, his presence was mighty. The thieves stumbled back, startled by the sudden flare of his crimson body and the fierce light in his eyes.

Ignis spoke not a word; his message was clear in the crackle of his flames and the unwavering gaze that held the night at bay. The thieves, realizing the power they had dared to challenge, fled into the darkness, never to return.

From that night, Ignis became more than just a spark or a keeper. He became a legend, the fiery guardian whose light was a symbol of protection and warmth. Every year, as the first frost touches the leaves, the forest creatures gather around Ignis to celebrate the Festival of Flames, a night of stories, dances, and gratitude, where they share tales of the little creature with a giant spirit, who teaches them all the power of being small but fiercely brave.


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