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In the twilight realm of Shadowheart, a place where feelings wear the fabric of the visible and the air shimmers with unspoken words, dwells Heartbound, the Enchanter of the Affectionate Abyss. His form is a silhouette against the soft gloaming, the black of midnight whispers, stitched together with the silver lines of moonlit secrets.

The large heart that Heartbound cradles is not merely an organ but the core of his essence, a crimson beacon pulsating with the depth of every heartfelt tug that stirs in the quiet of the night. It is as radiant as it is vulnerable, held with a tenderness that speaks to the careful balance of giving and protecting one's heart.

Atop his form, a singular horn spirals toward the stars, a symbol of the unity between love's tender complexities and the simple truths that stand solitary against the skies of introspection. It is both a weapon and a beacon, a paradox in the enigma that is Heartbound.

His body, marked by stitches, tells a story of mending and resilience, of wounds borne and healed, of the tapestry of life's encounters woven into a being that stands whole and complete in the embrace of the night.

In the realm of Shadowheart, Heartbound moves with a grace that is felt rather than seen, a presence that comforts the fractured and the whole alike. His is the anthem of the heart's journey—a song of shadows, stitches, and the unyielding pulse of a heart too vast to be anything but free.

Heart bound ✨

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