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In the depths of the underworld, there exists a demon creature known as Azazel, who holds the essence of life within its very being. Azazel is an ancient and powerful entity, born from the darkest corners of the universe.

Legend has it that Azazel was created by the primordial forces of chaos and destruction. Its form is a grotesque amalgamation of various creatures, with sharp claws, fiery eyes, and a towering presence that instills fear in all who encounter it.

Despite its fearsome appearance, Azazel possesses a unique ability to harness the essence of life. It is said that within its core lies a pulsating energy that can grant immortality and rejuvenation to those who dare to seek its power.

Throughout the ages, Azazel has been both feared and revered. Many have sought its power, believing that by harnessing the essence of life, they could achieve eternal youth and invincibility


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