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About Moon Potion Market

Welcome to Moon Potion Market! We are so happy you chose to stop by.


A little about us, we are a little mom and pop shop. We have created over 2,000 creatures and creations over the course of 4 years. We created together at first to connect and spend time with each other and it quickly flared into a deep passion of ours. We create all things whimsical,


we love to add our personality, love, and sometimes goofiness to our artwork. Check out our art pieces and give us a follow to see our journey and we cannot wait for you to have a piece of our family! Thank you


Check Out Our Goods


Our Stock

Step into a realm where the natural meets the supernatural.

Our stock is a curated blend of the ethereal and earthly, offering items that resonate with ancient lore, nature's mysteries, and the whispers of the unknown.

From enchanted trinkets to otherworldly artifacts, each piece promises a touch of magic and a hint of the eerie.

Dive deep into our collections and let your spirit wander the shadowy corners of wonder and whimsy.

Where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and the spooky is always in style


Have Something Made!

Dare to dream beyond the veil?

At Moon Potion Market, we don't just sell magic; we craft it, especially for you.

Our commission-based orders are a portal to your deepest desires and wildest imaginations.

Share your vision, and we will weave it into existence, blending the arcane with the artisanal.

Dive into a world where your wishes shape reality, and let us conjure the extraordinary just for you.

Our Reviews



Words absolutely cannot begin to describe the talent that this couple has!!! I have had the pleasure of purchasing many items from them and trust me when I say THEY DO NOT DISAPPOINT! They are highly recommended. 



You are by far one of the most talented artists I’ve seen in a long time! Absolutely everything is one of a kind and unique to only you and your hubby the lives are a blast! Not just the inventory that y’all busted your butts on, but you truly love your customers and what you do. Even the welcoming, family type atmosphere of the lives doesn’t compare to the overwhelming sense of gratitude and astonishment unboxing all of your insane talents!!!



Shipping is super fast and all items are packaged very securely. Everything I've ordered is exactly as described and gorgeous! Very happy with this shop and will continue to be a repeat customer!

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